What Our Patients Have To Say

When I was referred to Dr. Eric Markowitz I didn’t have a clue as to what to expect or the possibilities that were later presented to me. However, I knew I always wanted a SMILE that was Lovely yet Natural! Prior to starting the actual procedures I met with Dr. Eric on several occasions to discuss in detail the corrections and changes I wanted to achieve, at which time he offered suggestions and options that would improve m smile.  I was also provided a detailed list of the charges associated with each procedure along with a timeline. By this time the partnership towards building a better smile while correcting necessary changes had started and we were on our way

Needless to say, I immediately felt very comfortable with Dr. Eric and the entire staff! I was also amazed at the low level of discomfort with such extensive work that was needed to achieve my new look! I can truly say that I have the Smile I’ve always wanted and my teeth are beyond lovely, yet very Natural! The more compliments I receive, the more I smile and the more compliments I receive.

I can’t say enough about how Dr. Eric has enhanced my life and I will always be grateful for his services and that referral that started this process!

Joanne P.

Before replacement bridge treatments
After replacement bridge procedure
patient before photo
patient after photo smiling

The Doctors Markowitz provide excellent dentistry in Washington. Dr. Sid and Dr. Eric as well as the office staff headed by Carolyn provide a family atmosphere while offering the most up-to-date technological methods of dentistry.

I personally have had multiple crowns (Dr. Sid), an implant and most recently veneers fixed by Dr. Eric (who has also done my crowns, an implant, bonding and veneers). My shredded front teeth that used to hurt all the time have been redone with veneers this year. For the first time in 20 or more years, my teeth no longer hurt. Sometimes I have to shake my head in amazement because I spent so many years with a mouthful of teeth that hurt constantly.

The level of professionalism, and care is unprecedented in Washington. D.C. Dr. Eric performed my implant surgery. To say I was apprehensive about the procedure is an understatement. Every step of the way, Dr. Eric painstakingly explained what to expect.  He answered all my questions and continued to put me at ease.  Shots that everyone dreads, are a breeze with Dr. Eric somehow he seems to take the pain out.

What used to be an unnerving and sometimes terrifying experience in the dental chair, now feels commonplace to me because I know I have the best care and dentist available to me, not to mention an ever improving smile.

Gayela B.

Before front tooth dental treatment
After front tooth dental treatment

Shyne, who is your Dentist? Dentist? Yes, my Prosthodontist is Dr. Eric S. Markowitz. He has an attentive, personable staff. When you look around in his office, you are assured that he has had the best technical education and is using the best dental treatment techniques, including the use of television. He shows his compassion and interest in your concerns. For example, he offers payment options and accepts emergency patients without requiring background checks.

At a luncheon meeting of my Womens Association, I lost a part of my front tooth. When I was unable to reach my dentist, I used the telephone directory to find the nearest Prosthodontist. The office of Dr. Markowitz was located on 19th Street, Northwest, which is near my home. When I called his office, I was given an appointment immediately and accepted into his practice without a lot of annoying questions.  After repairing my front tooth, he performed a complete analysis of my dental needs.

Since I have accepted his suggestions, I now appear more attractive with such a beautiful smile. In November 2004, as the nurse completed the final examination in preparation for my back surgery, she commented, that my teeth are great. Really beautiful. How have you kept them that way for all these years? My reply was that she would have to ask Dr. Markowitz.  A young, very smart Prosthodontist who a few years ago, completely overhauled my teeth.

Shayne B.

TRUST. COMPLETE FAITH. These are hat Dr. Eric Markowitz inspires in me rearding his expertise and what I have personally experienced at its end results. After years (years!) of oral surgeries and being treated by a multitude of Orthodontists, Periodontists, Prosthodontists, (and those Oral Surgeons!) I know where of I speak. Dr. Markowitz is definitely first class and his support staff is superb.

Of course, I could go on and on even mentioning that, if you break your hip and shoulder, you’ll get a lovely bouquet of fruit sent to your hospital room!!!


Dr, Eric put a smile back on my face! I was always so self conscious when I smiled because my teeth really needed some major cosmetic work done on them. Once I decided it was time for me to do something for me, I regretted not having had this work done much sooner.

I had always been very nervous, almost afraid, to go to the dentist because of some very bad past experiences.  But when I came to DC and began seeing his Dad and then him, they put my nerves at ease. I’m not saying I look forward to going to the dentist now, but I certainly don’t shy away from going because I know they truly care about their patients. I am very grateful to Dr. Eric and highly recommend him.

Cindy B.

Dr Eric has the best pair of hands to come out of UMD since Juan Dixon and Steve Blake! After a lifetime of dental care from adolescence to the U.S. Navy to adulthood Dr. Eric stands out for me as one of the best ever. Cheerful, caring, expert a patient couldn’tt ask for more.

Phil S.

I think I have the greatest dentist in the WORLD!

Dr Eric has been the best combination of trusted, skilled and wonderful dentist who happens to have become a great and trusted friend. I am sure that anyone who is fortunate to have Dr. Eric as their dentist shares this sentiment. Visiting the dentist is not something most people look forward to but in this case it really is like going to see a dear friend who will make you smile and laugh and literally feel NO pain. He has such a unique, friendly and warm style that something that I usually dreaded becomes a happy and positive experience. More than just a wonderful person he is a deeply talented and skilled professional who sincerely cares about his patients just as he would for his closest friends and family his care and concern is genuine and every visit is followed up by a just checking in phone call.  You cant put a price tag on this type of care.

I happen to have a very stressful job like so many in Washington.. and as a result I grind my teeth in my sleep a lot. I recently had some work done to improve the results of this (and way too many diet cokes) and the results thanks to the amazing work of Dr. Eric make such a tremendous difference in the way I feel and the toll that stress had taken on my smile and teeth.. I feel so much better and even though I always try to smile as much as possible in the hopes that it will brighten someone elses day.. I now feel a lot better about my smile which makes me happy as well Thank you Dr. Eric for being a one in a million combination of trusted and dear friend and amazing, talented and dedicated dentist.  YOU CERTIANLY MAKE ME SMILE! 🙂


I had been grinding my teeth for years and finally took steps to deal with the wear on my crowns and fillings.

My Night Guard is fantastic. The perfect (and I mean perfect) fit has meant better sleep, and my morning jaw and tooth soreness are practically nonexistent. As Dr. Sid pointed out, it doesnt float around in your mouth, as I had noticed to be the case with the over-the-counter or sport versions. And, as Dr. Eric said, its proven to be great preventative medicine for us teeth grinders.

Dr. Eric took the impression and Dr. Sid did the fitting. What a team.

Rand C.

Dr Sid was recommended by my dentist of 14 years who had located to another state. Being a patient who can work herself up to a tizzy, I find Dr. Sid is very patient with me and knows how to give a gentle Novocaine shot. plus my new bridgework and crown look great, just like my own teeth.

Dee P.