White Fillings

Silver (mercury containing) fillings are still available, but rarely used in our practice. Most patients prefer the appearance of tooth colored resin fillings. The procedure is similar, but the results are much nicer with tooth colored restorations. As old silver fillings wear out, we replace them with white “tooth colored” fillings.

White Fillings Photo Gallery

Before white tooth-colored fillings


After white tooth-colored fillings


Tooth Colored Bondings Placed on 3 Teeth - before


Tooth Colored Bondings Placed on 3 Teeth - after


Before and after photos of our Washington DC Tooth Colored Restorations patients

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Patient Review by Amy T

Very efficient and comfortable even when getting a filling!

- Amy T

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Markowitz Dental has always provided excellent care to my family and I. Really appreciate that the approach is discussed, and always feel that we are doing what is useful, but not doing anything that may not be needed. I just really trust Dr. Markowitz.

- Mark C

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