There are many patients who lose all of their teeth due to a variety of reasons. Rampant decay, periodontal disease, and genetics all can play a role. We go to great lengths to make fantastic complete dentures for our patients. We make them look as natural as possible, so that they don’t look like false teeth. By adjusting the positioning of the teeth and other subtle adjustments, our dentures often cannot be detected, which is the ultimate complement! Often, dentures are combined with the use of dental implants to help stabilize the dentures. There are many different options which can be discussed combining implants and dentures. Determining which option is best for you will be determined by both the doctor and patient together.

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Problem: missing teeth with spaces, severe flare of front teeth and very gummy smile.
Solution: Removal of teeth, reduction of gummy smile and placement of full upper and lower dentures.





Problem:  Poorly fitting upper denture.
Solution:  New upper denture.

Before new upper denture procedure


After new upper denture procedure


Before and after photos of our Washington DC partial and full denture patients

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Patient Review by Gregory G

I've been seeing Dentists for 60 years and they were mostly "O.K." They certainly never inspired enthusiasm. Markowitz Dental and Dr. Eric Markowitz is the extraordinary exception! I needed extensive cosmetic Dentistry over several visits. The work was just finished, and I am ecstatic! I love my new smile! Dr. Eric did an outstanding job and his professional skill is impressive. Combining that with his sincere empathy, positive outlook, and a 1st class staff gives you the best Dental Practice in the DC Metro Area! I highly recommend Dr. Eric and Markowitz Dental! You'll be impressed and very well taken care of.

- Gregory G

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