Cosmetic Gumlift

Often times, a patient will present to the office with a complaint of a “gummy smile” or “short teeth.” More often than not, having excess gum tissue covering the front teeth creates this problem. This problem can often be corrected by performing a cosmetic gumlift procedure. In this procedure, specific measurements are made and the gumline is surgically corrected. The new position of the gumline will expose more of the teeth, making them appear longer and giving a more pleasing smile line. At times, a gumlift alone will correct the smile. Other times, a patient may include a teeth whitening and/or porcelain veneers to create the ideal smile makeover.

Problem:  Uneven gumline and uneven smile/worn teeth.
Solution:  Cosmetic gumlift and six porcelain veneers.

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uneven gumline before


uneven gumline after


before gumlift


after gumlift