CEREC Same-Day Crowns

Our office offers CEREC single visit dentistry for crowns, onlays and more. CEREC is a technology used by dentists worldwide to replace fillings, restore teeth with crowns the same day, strengthen teeth weakened by cracks, restore broken teeth and more. Using all ceramic materials that match your tooth color, these restorations can be done in one visit instead of two. Using digital imaging technology, data is collected during your visit using the acquisition unit and transferred to the milling unit through infrared signals. The milling unit then fabricates your custom restoration. Once the fit is confirmed, your restoration is given a natural life-like glaze and bonded into place.

Call Markowitz Dental of Washington DC Office Phone Number 202-833-8240 to schedule a CEREC consultation.

CEREC station allows for the in-house design of restorations
CEREC Acquisition Unit
CEREC Milling Unit allows for in-house manufacturing of restorations
CEREC Milling Unit