Teeth in a Day

Teeth in a day is a procedure in which a patient has the implants placed, and a fixed restoration (non-removable) placed all in 1 appointment. Though this is not for everyone, it is a service that is offered at Markowitz Dental. For those patients who are suitable candidates, Dr Markowitz will place all necessary dental implants and place a fixed restoration all in 1 day. This procedure is a great option for those patients who want teeth that stay in place, without being removed at night, as traditional dentures require. An in depth examination and consultation are required to assess each patient and to decide if Teeth in a day is a good option to use. The exact number of dental implants required varies, but is usually between 4 (lower) to 6 (upper) implants.

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Rock and roll hall of famer, and original “Drifter” Charlie Thomas singing the praises of Markowitz Dental
after undergoing his “Teeth in a Day” procedure.

Problem:  Several missing teeth, poor smile esthetics.
Solution:  A fixed (non removable) bridge supported by dental implants.

Missing teeth, ppor smile esthetics


Pleasing smile